Yoga: Greystones: Wicklow

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Welcome to Anahata Yoga & Meditation 

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Yoga: Greystones: Wicklow

Welcome to the Home of Heartspace Yoga & Meditation. Based at The Lotus Loft Yoga & Mindfulness Studio on the Greystones side of Kilcoole Co. Wicklow, we offer Weekly Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation classes, and Regular Weekend Workshops & Retreats. Yoga: Greystones: Wicklow

 Mini One Day Retreats

 Yoga: Greystones: Wicklow

Weekend Workshops

Yoga: Greystones: Wicklow

We offer a range of services for body & mind, which aim to calm, heal, nurture and restore.

Our services include weekly Yoga & Meditation classes; Mindfulness classes;  and Regular Weekend Workshops & Retreats.

Yoga: Greystones: Wicklow

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At Anahata Yoga & Meditation, based in Greystones, we offer a variety of Yoga class styles to cater for all ages and levels of fitness and flexibility. Whether your preference is for a gentle, meditative and relaxing class, or a stronger more dynamic active class, we have something to suit you. Yoga: Greystones: Wicklow

At the more soft and gentle end of the scale we offer gorgeous and indulgent weekly Restorative Yoga & Meditation classes, and regular Mindfulness Meditation & Relaxation Workshops. For a more active or dynamic option, choose from Classic Hatha Yoga (ideal for all levels) or Flow Yoga (for a strong and energetic flow). See our class timetable for full details.

For maximum benefit, all our classes include Pranyama (breath work), Meditation and Yoga Nidra.

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Mindfulness has many benefits, including stress and anxiety reduction. It has been clinically validated, that the skill of Mindfulness is best learned, through Mindful Yoga & Meditation practice. The intention of Yoga is to unify your mind and body. Hatha Yoga is the default style for Mindful Yoga Practice. It combines postures and conscious breathing, in combination with mental focus to develop awareness, strength and flexibility, and relaxation. Focusing on the present moment using breath, movement, and meditation you will leave this class feeling rejuvenated and relaxed, and over time you’ll start to enjoy the benefits of Mindfulness practice in your day to day life. See here to find out which style of class might best suit your own needs and levels of fitness & flexibility. You can also check out some of our online Meditation recordings here.

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